individual insurance

We believe that each individual's insurance needs can be as unique as their fingerprint and we treat them as such. Our approach is to examine and discuss your specific situation and develop an insurance plan around your needs. We can help you create an insurance solution if you do not already have one in place or look to supplement or improve your existing plan. We specialize in reviewing your existing coverage to make sure you are optimizing your premium dollars.

Just like any other company that manufactures a product, insurance carriers are constantly updating and evolving their inventory. This is also true regarding their underwriting guidelines. The underwriting process is what ultimately determines insurance offers and premiums for the coverage. As these changes occur, they create opportunities for our clients to improve on their insurance portfolios. We pride ourselves on being proactive for your clients in this area.

Life Insurance

  • Family Protection
  • Estate Planning
  • Buy-Sell Funding
  • Key Man
  • Executive Benefits
  • Collateral Assignment
    *specializing in SBA Funding

Disability Insurance

  • Individual Plans
  • Executive/Professional Carve Outs from employer sponsored plans

Long Term Care Insurance

  • Individual Plans
  • Plans for Spouses
  • “Linked Products”
  • Voluntary Group Plans
  • Association Plans